Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week Three of "Drinking the Kool-Aid" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

This is week three of my six week study of copying a painting at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  My reason for choosing the Lute Player to copy was to study the intense expression of the face.  So what do I do on week three...avoid it!  Since the eyes are so telling in the painting, I wanted to do a study of them but couldn't quite get to it last week.  The pope is visiting Philadelphia so the museum visits will resume the following week.

I adjusted the masses in the second pass of color in the background, feathers, lute and jacket.  Once I have the step completed in every area I will begin correcting them in relation to each other. At times it was a challenge seeing the darker areas of the painting.  Binoculars are recommended for close up views of the shadows hidden by the dimly lit room.

The photos below show where my painting stands now.  See you in two weeks!

Week 3 vs Week 4

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