Thursday, August 13, 2015

Level Two - Studio Incamminati

It's hard to believe my studies at Studio Incamminati are half finished.  Level three is about to begin in a few weeks so I thought I'd share some of the work done last year.  These pieces I felt pretty good about.  

Graphite Drawing, Fall Semester

Figure Color Study, Warm Light

Figure Color Study, North Light

Graphite Drawing, Spring Semester

Still Life

Form Painting, Spring Semester

Figure Color Study, Warm and Cool Light

Structural Drawing

Cast Drawing, Fall Semester

Form Painting, Fall Semester

Looking back on level two, I have to say that I learned an incredible amount of information.  Before enrolling in Studio Incamminati I kept making the same mistakes over and over.  My goal was to learn to see and this opportunity has given me the skills to grow as an artist.

Check out my blog entries I wrote for school.  

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